Based out of New Hampshire, The Mountain started with humble beginnings in 1972 between 2 life-long friends with nothing more than the American dream. After traveling around fairs and festivals peddling their hand crafted belts and buckles, they gained enough momentum to open up their first retail store and their most popular item was a belt adorned with a mountain scene - which became the inspiration behind the brand name. Before long, The Mountain owned and operated 30 retail locations – where they sold their own hand-dyed and printed tees alongside dozens of alternative culture products. The dynamic duo eventually met two other kindred spirited artists, and together they built a print shop and The Mountain brand was born. The Mountain is truly “Cut From A Different Cloth’ and continues its’ legacy to craft and detail.


Working harmoniously with The Mountain’s groovy team and craftsmanship, we conjured graphics and washes which deeply embodies our riders’ and our brand’s “Inner Beast.”