Humberto Liechty

Humberto Liechty is the type of person who speaks softly, but wields a big stick. Content to make his moves from behind the curtains, Berto typically shuns the main stage. For the select few in the know, Berto's role in the Supreme campaigns, as a player in the UNDFTD / Union crew, or as the driving force behind the Syndicate line each season mean his influence in L.A. street culture can't be overstated. He's turned his diverse interests into a livelihood based around giving a raised voice to the authentic. Along the way, Berto has always remained true to himself and his roots in skateboarding. It's for these reasons that Altamont is honored to present Berto's contributions in our Spring 2009 collection, which will be available in select stores only.

"Skateboarding casts such a wide net as far as style and influence are concerned. With this collection, I wanted to include some of the things that were a part of my skating environment when I was a kid. I grew up in North Las Vegas, which is just adjacent to Downtown. It's a run-down little neighborhood that is forgotten behind the lights of The Strip. We had lots of skaters in North Town, along with bangers, stoners and dealers. One of the kids that I grew up skating with from NT was Rick Jaramillo. Mixing all of our influences, we went to the indoor swap meet around the corner to buy our twill pants and white tees with the homeboys and the military surplus store to buy our camo jackets with the heshers. It's always been like that for me."

--Humberto Liechty