Trevor Groen

 Trevor Groen is a photographer currently living in Southern California.
Growing up skateboarding, having a passion for art, and going to college overseas has shaped Trevor’s photographic style to have grit; while still capturing the beauty of his subjects. From skateboarding and street photography to landscapes and product imagery; Trevor’s photographic interests are wide and ever expanding.
His career in the arts started with the footwear blog “Ripped Laces” where he would write articles and retouch photos. This led him to do photography and graphic design work for clients in action sports / fashion. Trevor now works full time as a photographer for Sole Technology and its various brands where he shoots products and marketing materials.
Trevor’s “Define Your Decade” Tee features an image from his “Hindsight Is 2020” zine. This photo was shot at the first “Rolling for Rights” protest in San Diego, California.

CFADC Artist Series - Trevor Groen for Altamont

Define Your Decade Tee

It’s crazy how much can happen in one year…
 During 2020; the world experienced widespread civil unrest, natural disasters, political disputes, economic strife, and a health crisis unlike any before it. Even though these things have distanced us from each other; metaphorically and literally, many of us used this historic time to stand up for what we believe is right.
 2021 brings us into a new decade, and we at Altamont want to put our stamp on this time. Our “Define Your Decade” Tee features an image shot by Trevor Groen at a protest in San Diego, California. A portion of the profits made from this shirt will be donated to a local San Diego charity.
It goes without saying; a new year won't magically make the world a better place. We have a long way to go and these problems won't be solved only with donations from shirts, but if we all do our part to help those in need; we can define this new decade on unity and not division.