Gang Gang Dance

New York basedGang Gang Dance is equal measure good vibes and dark energy; an experimental avant-garde, rock, dance, electronic group with a sound that defies easy comparisons. Their "Positive Energy" logo is a talisman to ward off bad spirits and judgmental energy at their live concerts, though the music itself can seem almost occultish and sinister at times. Its as if to remind us that dark spirits wait around every corner, in every audience, or looming right in our midsts. Overcoming multiple tragedies within the band through the years, GGD has prevailed and forged ahead defined and strong.

GGD's Brian Degraw, has a long history in skateboarding, growing up in New Haven, Connecticut skating with Jim Greco, Tim Upson Judd Hertzler and Mat O'Brien. Greco recently described Degraw's visual art and music as "two years ahead of everybody else." At Altamont we have found that often forging a new path and doing things different, without parallel and the safety of herds, can in fact be an uncomfortable and challenging position. We are honored that Brian made this t-shirt for us, so that likewise we can ward off the negative energy and dark forces attempting to corrupt and ruin skateboarding forever.