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Tim Kerr

What are you doing to participate? That is the question asked by longtime legendary Texas musician and artist Tim Kerr. A founding member of pioneering hardcore band the Big Boys, who ignited intense audience sing-along and dance participation from 1979 to 1984, Tim has, in the quarter century since, continued to participate by playing guitar in a long list of obscure yet revered outfits.

Grunge pioneers Poison 13, the bluesy The Monkeywrench, the soulful Bad Mutha Goose, cover band Jack O' Fire, the '60s garage punk-inspired Lord High Fixers, the garage rhythm 'n' punk of the King Sound Quartet, and the soulful Now Time Delegation and Total Sound Group have all been maniacally infused by Tim's creative six-string slinging.

Not only has Tim played in these bands, he has probably recorded at least 10 times that for others own records. And all along, he's gainfully employed a paintbrush to render loving, text-adorned portraits of his mentors. Just another way to participate. So, start splashing some paint yourself, make a fanzine, invent your own clothing company, or, as the Big Boys always said, go start your own band! Your move.