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Sub Pop Records


Founded in 1988 by Bruce Pavitt and Jonathan Poneman, Seattle based record label Sub Pop soon became one of the definitive labels of the 90's underground rock 'n' roll movement. In 1988 the label released "LoveBuzz", the debut single from a then unknown band in Aberdeen, Washington called Nirvana. After the explosive success of grunge and their prominent role in it, Sub Pop has continued to devote themselves to promoting the "subterranean" music they love, which to date has included records from No Age, Dwarves, Father John Misty, J Mascis, and Murder City Devils, amongst others, and remains one of the best record labels in America.

For Fall 2016 Altamont worked with Sub Pop to create a capsule collection consisting of 2 printed tees, a flannel shirt, denim jacket, and a beanie.