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Andrew Lee makes the cult favorite brand (invisble:man). Don't think he's riding a dark side trend - he started it. Ten years old now, (invisible:man) is admired by those who've created the history and smelled the rank underbelly of the streetwear beast - plus legions of followers worldwide who like Lee's attention to detail and quality, and the fact that he never, ever compromises.

Lee has previously lent his collaboration design skills to brands like Stussy, Neighborhood, Real Mad Hectic, T-19, Kinetics and Mad Foot to name a few. He also owns and operates the strictly friends-and-family-brands-stocked mini-empire that is Commissary Stores in San Diego and Costa Mesa; the Commissary Bar / Gallery in Costa Mesa, and the (invisible:man) store back home the East Village of NYC. Now Andrew adds Altamont to his friends and family.