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Cass McCombs

Born in 1977 and raised in Northern California, Cass McCombs lived many years drifting the U.S. and working jobs as a janitor, soda jerk, truck driver, movie projectionist, in a horse stable, at a midtown NYC delicatessen, a book shop and doing construction in New Jersey before he ever attempted to make music seriously. From these experiences, he learned to listen to stories from people from many walks of life. This was his education.

McCombs is a mirror. Rather than fulfilling the stereotype of the confessional singer-songwriter, he describes the lifestyles and feelings of those who surround him, with more love than judgment. His music is generous; the melodies always infectious; the production and musicianship first-rate. And at the forefront of his craft are always the lyrics, which, more than any songwriter today, propel the avant-garde. McCombs has always refused to speak of his influences, except for American folk music and The Beatles. He is a folk artist, telling the stories of his native land in a modern tongue.