Abe Vigoda

Abe Vigoda is an actor, but Abe Vigoda is also a band. This Abe Vigoda is bright and shining calypso punk. Shedding their no wave dissonance for tropical melody has put them in an opportune position to blast transcendent pop repetition. These kids are fucked in the way that they can make a good record and play really good shows against all odds, like emerging from Chino, California, in the inland empire of Los Angeles where nothing grows. Any given month finds them playing several all age shows in all corners of So-Cal. They've been a staple of the all ages, volunteer run venue The Smell for years now, playing with friends and local favorites Mika Miko, The Mae Shi, Barr, No Age, and opening for bands like Get Hustle, XBXRX, Shoplifting, Curtains, Chromatics and Old Time Relijun. The May 2008 issue of the Fader Magazine features an interview with the band.

Skeleton, Abe Vigoda's third full-length album, was released in the US on July 8, 2008. In 2009 the EP Reviver followed, they finished recording their fourth full-length album on February 24,2010. It will be titled crush and is due to be released on Dean from No Age's PPM Record Label on the 20th of September. For their Altamont 10" EP, Abe Vigoda contributed two tracks, exclusive out-takes from Crush.

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