Raised in Brooklyn, his professional career spanning from San Diego to Hong Kong, Alyasha Owerka-Moore's varied geographical background is as diverse as his ethnic make-up and cultural intersts. It should be no surprise, then, that this postmodern Rennaissance man has been responsible for some of the most trend-setting and intriguing work in contemporary fashion history. From his past successes within the skate / urban / street universe, cultivating iconic brands like Shut Skates, Alphanumeric, Dub Brand outerwear, Droors, American Dream Inc. Skates, and now his current label, Fiberops, Aly has not only been there and done that, chances are that he's the one who founded it.

With Fiberops, Alyasha rejects the current belt-printed, melon-colored and trust-funded t-shirt hype that defines modern streetwear, opting instead for a more subtle and sophisticated approach to quality cut and sew garments with a classic appeal. Aly's iconoclastic perspectives on street fashion establish him as a true pioneer, and as such, Altamont is honored to present his contributions to our Fall 2008 collection through this limited collaboration.