High Five: The Coathangers
Author: yasi
Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Words: Yasi Salek
Photos: Leonard Drorian

It's hard for me to write about The Coathangers, mostly because I've already written them love letters masquerading as journalism about forty times in the past few years. Here are some of the better gushings from those many pieces:

1. If you’re very lucky, your average life will be peppered with tiny moments of pure glory and joy, fleeting moments that make you feel incredibly grateful just to have the good fortune of being alive. I’ve had a few of these throughout the course of my time on this planet. I won’t bore you with all of them (many of which involve various experiences with nachos), but the one that is pertinent to this particular edition of Hot Rocks is the one time some dude came up to me at SXSW, looked me up and down, then asked me “Hey, are you in The Coathangers?” (via SGCNY)

2. Perhaps if I took more Adderall, I could be as awesome as Atlanta-based girl gang The Coathangers, and make songs like this one, incidentally also called “Adderall”, and look painfully cool in a denim vest while playing stabbing amazonian punk rock. Perhaps if I took more Adderall, my voice could sound more like Stephanie Luke’s, all gutturally gorgeous and incredibly sexy (as opposed to my current pre-pubescent teenage boy warble). (via Cultist Zine)

3. You know those weirdos who pack up their hemp pants and tie-dye everything into a multi-colored Guatemalan backpack and leave their whole lives to follow Phish around the country? I never understood those people (partly because I left hemp accessories behind in the 6th grade, partly because I have a nagging attachment to responsibility, but mostly because man, does that band suck). That is, not until I first saw The Coathangers play, and decided that I would have no problem ditching out on reality to follow them around the globe (but like, not in a stalkery way, okay?). (Via Nasty Gal)

Anyway, The Coathangers were kind enough to honor my 8,000th request for an interview and dutifully answered this week's High Five questions while on tour, a mere few days before some fuckwad mouth-breather broke into their van and stole a bunch of their personal belongings. Read their answers below, and if you feel so inclined, you can help them out by donating some cash to their fundraiser so they can repair the van and replace their Passports and stuff before they hit the road again:

Top 5 favorite places in Atlanta
1. El Myr
2. Or homes
3. Star Bar
4. The Earl
5. Clermont lounge

Top 5 best things about Disneyland
1. Fireworks
2. Indiana Jones ride
3. Mushrooms
4. Pineapple sticks
5. Finding out Donald Duck is Mexican

Top 5 favorite coats you have ever owned
1. Our white Coathanger jean jackets
2. Matte top coat
3. Matching leather jackets
4. Fur gorilla winter coat
5. Furrrrr coat

Top 5 favorite things to order at the bar
1. Silver tequila and soda
2. Jäger
3. O-bomb
4. Extra dirty gin martini
5. PBR

Top 5 punishments for the people who robbed you on tour
1. POX
2. Pooping their pants everyday for the rest of their life...
3. Someone robbing them
4. Broken thumbs
5. Starting their period with no tampons
(even though they stole all ours)

You can follow The Coathangers on Twitter and Facebook and catch them this coming weekend playing alongside Black Lips and Shannon & The Clams at Meltasia.