The War On Drugs "Under The Pressure" video
Author: jane
Thursday, August 21, 2014
war on drugs

Happy The War on Drugs "Under the Pressure" video release day everyone! Oh, whoops, I think that was yesterday, but I suppose if we can celebrate unimportant birthdays for a full week (I mean, if it doesn't end in a 0 or a 5, do we really give a shit?), we can certainly give this nine minute piece of cinema the real estate it deserves. Anyhow, happy belated! And I hope you're celebrating by taking a long, winding, scenic road trip up the coast to Big Sur where you'll break trespassing laws and swim in a restricted creek and climb a protected Redwood tree that's been there for centuries and centuries, humbling you and making you feel small and unremarkable in the absolute best way possible, because we all need a little perspective sometimes.

"Under the Pressure" comes off Philly rockers The War on Drugs' latest album Lost in The Dream, a somber yet comforting compilation of songs about loneliness, longing, anxiety, misguided efforts to soothe anxiety, hope, and shattered dreams. The video is an appropriate homage to all that–a vacillation between kaleidoscopic and molecular visuals, stark and dimly lit interiors, and psychedelic scenes of the great outdoors.

Under the weight (or should I say pressure?) of your own mind and his guitar riffs, "Under Pressure" is heavy and therapeutic, isolating and consoling, up and down. It's a beautiful, surreal roller coaster.