Erin D. Garcia: 5 Shapes In 6 Colors
Author: jane
Friday, August 15, 2014
Erin D Garcia

Southern born, Los Angeles-based artist Erin D. Garcia has painted murals for the Ace and Standard Hotels, brightened the pages of Bullet and Foam, and makes colorful, large-scale, mathematical works that you can't look away from, even if for some odd reason you wanted to. But not wanting to look at his confettied canvases is kind of like not wanting to eat cupcakes or like hating candy, which is just pure madness (or a gluten and sugar intolerance), if you ask me.

On that note, because we don't hate candy or cupcakes or fun, we're really excited to look at a new selection of Erin's work this Saturday, August 16th, for the opening of his second solo show at HVW8 Gallery. His latest exhibition, entitled 5 Shapes In 6 Colors, promises to be characteristically geometric and precise, while lightening our Saturday night with his signature splashes of neons, playful squiggles, and confection-like color pops.

Consistently distinct without ever being formulaic, Garcia's highly recognizable work is both effortlessly gestural and wildly intentional, and worth the attention of your overly stimulated eyeballs. Come through this Saturday night for the opening of 5 Shapes in 6 Colors. See y'all there.