High Five: The Mattson 2
Author: jane
Friday, August 8, 2014

Straight out of Southern California, The Mattson 2 are the kind of goldy-locked identical twins that make everyone around them want to be identical twins, or at least just a little less alone in the world. The musical duo is more than just dynamic – they are linked by DNA, a bond that really, scientifically, just puts all others to shame. It's kind of an unfair advantage when you think about it. One that comes across in just about everything they do, from surfy jazz tunes to their signature look of impeccably tailored suits that give them a certain gentlemanly quality you want to preserve on vinyl and black and white film and insert any number of nostalgic things here, really. And, did I mention, there are two of them?

With Jonathan on drums and Jared on guitar, the beachy brothers have taken their smooth act around the world, from Japan to Denmark, and have collaborated with skate greats such as Ray Barbee (they made an entire record with him) and Tommy Guerrero on songs that are both quintessentially coastal and classically flawless. Not that jazz wasn't already "cool," but with the Mattson strum, it's got that wave-crashing, SPF none California touch.

A month or so before the September 16th release of their new record, "Agar," and just at the start of their US tour, we caught up with The Mattson 2 to bang out a quick High Five. Here's what ensued.

Top 5 perks of being a twin:

1. Telepathy
2. True Friend
3. Same faces
4. Spare Brothers
5. Composition collaborator for life

Top 5 famous partners in crime:

1. Chocolat & Akito
2. The Coen Brothers
3. Lo Borges & Milton Nascimento
4. Special Agent Dale Cooper & "Diane"
5. Morrissey & Marr

Top 5 things about the new record:

1. Recorded 100% live in the same room
2. Five songs
3. Telepathy
4. Composed Chaos
5. Drone

Top 5 feelings:

1. Telepathy
2. Neon lights
3. Nostalgia
4. Tribals

Top 5 things "Agar" sounds like it means:

1. "Raga" Backwards (Indian drone music)
2. Nutrients that one puts in a petri dish to make things grow
3. Agar=Growth + Mattson 2 = Maturation/growth of Mattson 2
4. Bizarreness and Mysterioso
5. Telepathy