Andrea Sonnenberg for Altamont
Author: Unknown
Thursday, August 7, 2014
Andrea Sonnenberg, aka Teen Witch, grew up in San Francisco surrounded by photographers, graffiti artists, and musicians. By the age of 14, she was photographing and documenting the various exploits of her friends and contemporaries. Their penchant for getting into extremely unique and often dangerous situations became the basis of her body of work. Soon, she began to print her photos by hand at San Francisco’s famed Hamburger Eyes studio. Her work was included in MOCA’s 2010 Art In the Streets retrospective, the United States’ first graffiti and street art survey.

Sonnenberg teamed up with Altamont for a three shirt collaboration for our Spring 2014 collection, and on May 20th, Altamont presented a collection of her work (alongside the work of fellow photographer and Altamont collaborator Mandy-Lyn) at Known Gallery in Los Angeles. In this video Sonnenberg speaks to Patrick O' Dell about growing up a tomboy, getting into skateboarding, graffiti, and trouble, and her thoughts on growing up (or not).