Chelsea Wolfe "The Waves Have Come" Video
Author: jane
Friday, August 1, 2014

I’m not ashamed of the fact that I cry more than your average feeler. But the rapidity with which Chelsea Wolfe’s video for “The Waves Have Come” brought on a salty, contact lens layer of tears to my eyes shocked even this weepy old pro. As the follow up to “Feral Love,” which premiered during Wolfe’s 2013 teaser for director Mark Pellington’s hour-long film called Lone, “The Waves Have Come” is spilling over with the most primal of pain and longing. The video, a silhouetted black tie affair against a backdrop of bloody red, abrasively punctuated with found footage of natural disasters, earthquakes, death, wildfires, families, and floods, cuts deeper than one is comfortable with while watching from a rolling office chair.

Featuring the ghostly beauty’s icy, echoing vocals and an accompanying piano that sounds as if it’s been transported from the soundtrack of The Hours, “The Waves Have Come” is dark, passionate, nostalgic and grieving. If you’re in the mood to ponder the meaning of loss, death and love, “The Waves Have Come” pairs best with rain, existentialism, and some sort of booze, preferably.