High Five: Tim Presley of White Fence
Author: yasi
Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tim Presley is like the Dos Equis guy of indie rock. He looks like he time-traveled here from an era where men had that rumpled-sophisticate look down (a time blessedly absent of Portlandia beards and ironic t-shirts, amongst other sartorial mishaps), fronts cult favorite psych band Darker My Love, moonlights in the Strange Boys, used to be in an awesome hardcore band called The Nerve Agents, and randomly played in THE FALL (yes, that The Fall). He is also freakishly well-versed in hip-hop (as you'll see below) and shares a personal affinity of mine and very few other "cool" people, an admiration for the Gin Blossoms. (This is a real thing. See evidence HERE). With White Fence, Presley makes beautiful 60s-ish lo-fi pop, and he just put out his 6th album under this moniker (7th if you count his collaborative album with Ty Segall, who co-produced the new record). It's called For the Recently Found Innocent, is the first of his White Fence albums to be recorded in an actual studio (what even) and it's a lovely study in updated nostalgia, with Presley's signature energetic melancholy channeled throughout. In other words, it rules. Also did I mention he runs a record label (Birth Records, home of Jessica Pratt), and has a cat that is so cute it is borderline internet famous?

So what I'm saying is that Tim Presley is probably the actual most interesting man in the world, and somehow we got him to take time out of his busy being fascinating schedule to answer our High Five questions. Here they are:

Top 5 white things:
-alligators (rare)

Top 5 signs of guilt:
-sweat on face
-jumbled speech
-McDonalds billboards (literal sign of guilt)
-long apologies

Top 5 rhyming word pairs:
(Sorry...I had to go with off the head rap rhymes)
-"Is I'm talkin coffee or cocoa, is you loco?
Cash or credit for unleaded at Sunoco" - Zev Love X
-"Part time iller, permanent chiller" - B Luv
- "I frolic in the sand with a colony of ants
My particles expand building oxygen in plants" - EDAN
- "I'm not sayin I'm number one, uhh I'm sorry, I lied
I'm number one, two, three, four and five" - KRS-ONE
-"The Bay Bounce To Thizzle
The West Coast Wizzle" - MAC DRE

Top 5 current pop songs:
(I'm not too current on the charts...so...)
- Pusha T - "Numbers on the boards"
- Pusha T ft. Kendrick Lamar - "Nosetalgia"
- Luke Bryan "That's My Kind Of Night"
- Mac DeMarco "Blue Boy"
- Angelic Upstarts "Leave Me Alone"

Top 5 Gin Blossoms Songs:
- Allison Road
- Til I Hear It From You
...uh...and that's all i know..except for Hey Jealousy

White Fence: For the Recently Found Innocent

You can buy For the Recently Found Innocent digitally or on vinyl from Drag City.