High Five: The Fresh & Onlys
Author: yasi
Monday, June 30, 2014

Here's the the thing about The Fresh & Onlys: THEY ARE THE BEST. Okay I'm a little biased as it may have been noted by my roommates at the time that I listened to the album Long Slow Dance several (10) times a day for a period of a month or so (this is only an allegation though and has not been proven in any court of law). Their newest album House of Spirits hasn't gotten as much mileage yet, but it's getting there: it's not as full of romantic melancholy as Long Slow Dance, as if, much like myself, it's had the stars washed from its now wistful eyes and is dealing with the harsh realities of life with beautiful poetry and a whole lot of distortion. And while I sometimes miss the days of hope-filled yore, it's nice to have a soundtrack for the next stage of life's yearnings.

I asked front man Tim Cohen five questions that pretty much have nothing to do with the new album, or the old album, or anything relevant really. Here are his answers:

Top 5 fresh things:
1. Lakes
2. Flowers
3. Jive
4. Fruit
5. Perspectives?

Top 5 only things:
1. Jim Rice baseball mitt
2. Volume 10 "Hip-Hopera" cassette
3. Hanging Cardboard cloud castle by Joe Roberts
4. The way my daughter's bike helmet looks on her huge head
5. Sunny D

Top 5 favorite words:
1. palindrome
2. quell
3. perplex
4. laughter
5. bicycle

Top 5 song lyrics of all time:
1. "Big girls don't cry" (Franki Valli)
2. "Why are there so many songs about rainbows?" (Kermit)
3. "Idiot Wind" (Bob Dylan)
4. "Sundown, you'd better take care if I find you've been creeping round my back stairs." (Gordon Lightfoot)
5. "Thunder only happens when it's raining. Players only love you when they're playing. Women, they will come and they will go. When the rain washes you clean, you'll know." (Fleetwood Mac)

Top 5 cartoon characters in order of importance to shaping you as a person:
1. Popeye
2. Mickey Mouse
3. Jessica Rabbit
4. Bugs Bunny in Space Jam
5. Pink Panther

The Fresh & Onlys are on tour right now. You can also find them on Facebook.