Summer 2014 Collection
Author: Unknown
Saturday, June 21, 2014
Altamont’s Summer 2014 collection is for the free-wheeler, the journey-lover, the day-tripper. The season is for road-rambling and nature-dwelling, for recapturing childhood bliss, but with an adult twist. We captured some of that youthful whimsy in our Walle short-sleeved woven, with its printed goldfish swimming in blue fabric. With its wood-grain inspired print, the Indio short-sleeved woven is reflective of the trees out there just waiting to get lost in. Our Utility shorts feature larger pockets to hold the tools of your adventures, and the Poncho sweatshirt is the perfect lightweight item for any destination, from the beach to the desert and back again. The fabric mixes are unique yet functional and the range showcases and equal blend of rugged elements and laid-back fits all ideal for a few months of semi-directional wanderlust.