Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Altamont contributor Julian Klincewicz band LUBE is featured A WHAT YOUTH ORIGINAL SERIES PRESENTED BY VISSLA
PHOTOS: Michael Cukr

By WhatYouth:
The old saying about the young and youth being wasted on them and all that — well, that's a bunch of crap when you take into consideration what Julian Klincewicz, Kiva Ivey, Theo Jacobson, Basile Journet and Julian Ensworth and their band Lube get up to. These dudes are still in high school, but they skate and create and make music that is really good and far more sophisticated than their lack of high school diplomas would have you believe. They book their own tours, get their friends kicked out of apartments for playing too loud, play in bars they aren't old enough to be inside of and make most high school punks look lazy.

Their music is technical and loud. Think DIIV meets Deerhunter and has a drink with Ian Curtis and adopts some of that darkness. Two weeks ago they played our issue 7 release party and Chippa Wilson is still raving about them. He wants Lube in his headphones. For now, you can sample a few tunes here on their band camp page, but stay tuned, they should be releasing a 7" very soon. And we'll make sure you're the first to know.

Watch the video here!