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Julian Klincewicz: Cut From A Different Cloth

November 21, 2013 by kayla

You know the feeling you get when you are among those with extreme talent, the kind of people that make you go, “Shit, what do I do that’s cool?”. Well, Altamont would like to introduce you to a young man out of San Diego that will do that on at least four different levels. Artist? Oh yeah, paints murals and has an art show coming up. Musician? It’s cool he just has two amazing bands out of San Diego. Skateboarder? Just had some tricks in the last Lurkville video and filming as we speak. Filmmaker? Oh you mean that series of vignettes he is filming on VHS?

Introducing Julian Klincewicz, a well-rounded artistic embodiment of Altamont’s many foundations. He is someone who has personal style, musical talent, an artistic eye and is a passionate skateboarder. Julian is currently working on pieces for his first solo show titled, "Don't call it a come back”, at Gym Standard in San Diego on January 18th. You aren’t going to want to miss it. Following his solo show, Julian is filming a series of vignettes on VHS tape that he is hoping to finish by March. While his talents are dispersed across different mediums, Julian manages to maintain a solid mindset and executes each creation with brilliant consistency.

Aside from gaining momentum in the art world Julian is also starting to stir up some sound with his bands Christy and Lube. Lube is currently recording in San Diego with hopes to release sometime soon, while Chriisty (named after Julians mom) is slowing down to make room for a resurgence of new sound.

To bring Klincewicz (pronounced “Clean-SEV-eech” so you don’t drive yourself insane like I did) back full circle with Altamont’s roots, he’s also a core skateboarder. He may not be throwing hammers in Street League, but if you happen to catch him pushing through the street - don’t be surprised if you do a double take. A natural on a board, he flows through lines as if he was born to do it. Those of you who know about Washington Street - this kid has street cred. Not only can he be found sweeping through the park, but you will see his murals depicted upon barriers throughout as well.

Julian Klincewicz is CUT FROM A DIFFERENT CLOTH.

Lube -
Instagram- @julianklincewicz


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