Hunters - "Narcissist" Video
Monday, October 14, 2013


Do you ever just wake up and want to break everything around you? “YES, YES, YES” you yell, three times for emphasis, and also because you were worried I didn’t hear the first two over the shattering roar of your hammer into innocent ceramic relics of pottery classes past. (You = me, and yes I am talking to myself and then transcribing it directly into this piece, and yes I do own a very nice hammer, thank you for asking). As for the you that is not me, I am sure you have felt this as well, and as for the they that is Hunters (hi Hunters!), they have taken this feeling and made a whole music video that is a lush, beautiful ode to breaking stuff (or in this case, destroying a car, with bricks and sledgehammers and crowbars, while Hunters’ Derek Watson and Izzy Almeida sit inside, calmly making out). And back to the you that is me, who possibly dreams of senseless destruction a bit more than your average bear-who-writes-in-third-person; for me this clip for the excellent song “Narcissist” is basically porn. Watch the video, directed by Scott Cudmore & Michael Leblanc, below, and be sure to pick up Hunters’ new self-titled album, out now on Mom + Pop records.

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