Andres Serrano for Altamont
Author: kayla
Wednesday, October 9, 2013
Altamont Serrano

This collaborative project between Altamont Apparel and Andres Serrano merge two entities not so obviously paired, by bringing to the public clothing with a statement. This collaboration is sure to evoke more than just emotion in all those who see it. We have chosen four images from the archives of Serrano’s work that we feel will create a motion in, not only the design world, but with artists alike. The four images we will be showcasing on T-Shirts are from a range in Andres’ artwork that will entrance people from any background.

Piss Christ Altamont

About Andres Serrano:
Andres Serrano is one of America’s most mythologized contemporary artists, to many, he’s the man responsible for Piss Christ and a national scandal over government funding of controversial art. For those who look beyond headlines, he’s a highly accomplished and ever-evolving photographic artist showing us the ordinary in extraordinary ways. With his post-Piss Christ Series, Nomads, he made a studio portraits of New Yorks ethnic homeless and Juxtaposed them with members of the Ku Klux Klan. In the Morgue series, he dissected violent death and found the human thread on the coroners slab, while a history of sex explored the human mating urge in its infinite variety.