Wounded Giant Interview
Author: kayla
Wednesday, September 25, 2013
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Wounded Giant might sound like the name of your once broken, now repaired 6 ft bong...but it actually stemmed from a deranged human that hobbled out of a tunnel in Colorado some years ago. Luckily, Alex Bytnar of stoner-metal trio Wounded Giant was around to witness the wizard’s metaphysical, crystal carrying, earthy mumbo jumbo. Here, we caught up with Bobby, Alex and Dylan to find out what gets them going and ask them questions they absolutely cannot answer.

KK: Hi boys how are you?
All: HI KK
Alex (Drums): Hey KK, its hard to hear in the van, ill just do this one, that cool?

K: Course Al, so tell me about the birth of Wounded Giant?
A: Bobby had an old band called Dirt Worshiper going on for a little bit and when that band ended up breaking up Bobby (Vocals/Guitar) and I were always talking about starting up playing together and what not. We started jamming, which sounded pretty rad, came up with a few songs and about a month later we got Dylan(bass) in and shoot; booked a tour and just went for it. We’ve just been a tour machine since then.

K: The name Wounded Giant? Where is that from?
A: Wounded giant actually came to me when I was on tour with another band in the early 2000’s and this weird man came out of a tunnel and just started spouting out all these verses about ‘The impaled circles of pyschosis” and “The Wounded Giants” and “The forbidden Glaciers” and what not and I was like “Woah these are all incredible band names” and he’s like “ Yeah you know these are ancient groom bands” we were all “Groom? What is this Groom that you speak of?” we just basically took the name and ran with it from there. It’s some weird mythology from some old creature that came out of the tunnel dwellings of Denver Colorado. Fast forward to 2013 and here we are.

K: And besides tunnel dwellers what bands would you say are some of your influencers?
A: Um, we don’t really have too many influencers since we have all been playing for so long we kind of just draw from our own music. I’m really not influenced by anyone, I just play; I’m influenced by my drums I guess, they inspire me. (boys laugh in the background). And when I play with Bobby and Dylan they fire me up. They might say something different but they left the building.

K: All right well rate the following inspirations from best to worst – Babes, weed, skateboarding, metal.
A: Here I’m going to pass it to Dylan for the skateboarding advice because he is the best skater in the band.

K: Hi Dylan, lm gonna need you to rate the following inspirations from best to worst – Babes, weed, skateboarding, metal.
Dylan: What the fuck kind of question is that? That’s impossible. No one can answer that. That’s too hard; I’m not answering that. You go to hell.

K: That was the perfect answer.
Alex: They’re drunk and I’m not answering that.

K: You guys just got done recording your first full-length album how was that process?
A: The recording process was rad; we got to work with some Seattle Legends, which was pretty cool, The infamous Jack Endino, Johnny ‘The Growler” Graziadei and Tad Doyle were all a part of it and we had some random other cats come in that helped us with different gear tones and what not, it was killer. We basically locked ourselves in a cabin studio in Des Moines, Washington for 5 days and recorded all the tracking then brought it to sound house in Seattle and recorded with Jack Endino who did the rest of the mixing and mastering process. It was pretty rad.

K: You guys have been touring a lot lately, have there been any sketchy moments on the road?
A: Yeah we’ve had a lot of sketchy moments on the road; the sketchiest of all was probably when we were in Rawlins, Wyoming. A big rig flipped over in front of us and a person flew through the windshield there was blood splattered about 8 to 10 feet on the highway. It was an ice blizzard that forced all the vans and cars off the road cuz people were flipping over due to the conditions. Once we got forced off the road we tried to go find a hotel room but they were booked everywhere, we couldn’t get in anywhere. So we went for a walk in 10-degree weather and end up at this weird little corner store and found a bottle of moonshine there. We took the moonshine to some random hotel lobby where they were giving out free drinks and we could play free pool. Then there were these weird coal miner brothers that put us up on their floor, but then they started fighting and arguing all night so we slept with our knives open hugging the bottles of moonshine making sure they weren’t going to attack us. So we woke up and everyone was gone in the entire hotel, they had evacuated the whole town and just left us in this room. They must’ve not known we were there or something so we got in the van and thankfully Bobby’s phone was working and could find us a safe route. We booked it on like a 10 hour back tracking trip up through Salt Lake City Utah and ended up in Vegas at 6am playing slot machines. We ended up missing two shows, but it made for a good time on the road.

K: You guys are constantly touring and on the road, so where can we find upcoming dates?
A: On our Facebook. We have music on SoundCloud and videos on YouTube and what not.

KK: Well are there any grand plans for Woundeds future?
A: Oh here, ill throw bobby on for that.
B: Oh hi KK, what was the question?

KK:Do you guys have any grand plans for wounded’s future?
B: Just getting really really really famous.

KK: Oh that’s it?
B: To give you a short answer…. NO, I mean we’ll have a ranch out in the woods with machine guns and compounds, some Hungarian horseback archery and have a lot of fun.

KK: Last words?
B: Everyone take your shirts off. Lets Party.
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