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September 16, 2013 by kayla

The post before shared with you the Winner of our #ARTKEEPER Altamont x Active art contest with Brian “Slash” Hansen. Since there were so many insanely good artists who submitted work Brian decided he wanted to pick his top 5 to all get shipped a box from Altamont and Active. So we share with you the runner-ups…

#2 This illustration covers so many aspects of Brian’s life, there’s no way it couldn’t be a top choice. Illustrated by 20-year-old Francisco Garcia Cinta (@snackthestroke) from Mexico. Heres the break down; Brian’s dog Keeper in a jaccuzi drinking a St Archer beer in front of a volcano and a sunrise (Brian- @volcanicsunrise).

#3 Where to begin with how on point 22 year old Chicago native Joe Flores (@joeflomontana) was when he created this image of Otto as pizza playing the air-pizza-guitar. A dude after Brian’s own heart Joe skates, loves the Simpsons and pizza, what better than to combine them all for an epic #3 in the #ARTKEEPER contest.

#4 The photography coming out of Chillicothe, OH through the lens of Matt Day (@downriverframes) was a Brian favorite. The images from 22-year-old film photographer remind you of the ways of the west and Brian resonated with that. Check out his work here.

#5 Volcanic Sunrise through the mind and pen of Chris Austin (@oops_stoops). Chris seems to be on the same page as Brian; he skates, hangs with his dog, travels, and camps and well obviously he can draw. This dude somehow got a pass into Slash’s mind and illustrated what he found.


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