Meat Market – Too Tired
Author: Unknown
Wednesday, September 4, 2013
Meat Market

Meat Market1

WORDS: Yasi Salek
PHOTO: Gabriel Ramirez

Meat Market – Too Tired

Hello, let me introduce you to your new favorite band. Random internet stranger, this is Meat Market. Meat Market, this is your new biggest fan, at least for the next few minutes, until the next random internet stranger comes along and his or her heart swells even bigger and bloodier with love and admiration for the braniac brand of garage glory that is Oakland’s best kept secret (until now, of course).

Give “Too Tired”, Meat Market’s latest release, a few (virtual) spins below, then please take a break from your soon-to-be busy fan mail writing and shrine building and collage making schedule to pick up a copy of the 7 inch over at Suicide Squeeze. I already have mine, so if you need me I’ll be here hand-making extraordinarily life-like dolls in the band’s likeness (Ian’s lovely flaxen curls are proving difficult to replicate but I’m not one to back down in the face of adversity).

Link Suicide Squeeze to: