Waylon Jennings for Altamont
Author: kayla
Monday, August 5, 2013
Waylon Jennings is the pioneer of the Outlaw Country Movement and an Inspiration to all that are Cut From A Different Cloth. Some kids these days will look at photos of an old guy-playing guitar and think 'boring...', but I urge them to look closer. This guitarist is an all-encompassing original Badass; Waylon Jennings took the country music ways of the 60’s and said “Not for me.” He turned his back to the norm and created the most raw, intense and honest albums to date. Befriending people from Buddy Holly to Willie Nelson he paved the way for country artists who wanted to be different, encouraging them to step out from the proper way of recording and not play by the rules.

Altamont was fortunate enough to align our brand with our Outlaw Hero and create a collaboration of two incredible shirts showcasing images of the Legend. We’ve created a raglan with the true depiction of Outlaw Waylon as well as a more classic white crew neck.

We had a launch party a little while back with our friends at Midnight Rider to celebrate the collaboration including live sets by California King, RT and the 44s, Rachel Dean and Ryan Norman, Andrew Sheppard & The Gallivants, Ted Russell Kamp and Waylon's son himself Shooter Jennings. Images from the event are here.

Tops are available now here.