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Altamont Fall 2013 presents Bedouin Burnouts

August 1, 2013 by kayla

Altamont Fall 2013 Look Book from Altamont Apparel on Vimeo.

Scattered across the deserts of the Sahara the native Bedouins wander in lust of new terrain. In Altamont’s Fall 2013 Collection Bedouin Burnouts we have pulled the colors of the desert and patterns of Arabia to create 2 key woven stories, the Hanif and Adahn. To compliment the elevated collection this Fall, Altamont also offers a spin on our favorite jacket cuts and refreshed color ways of our top denim. To further show the Bedouin Burnouts collection, Caroline Snow has created a video to showcase the key stories of Altamont Apparel’s Fall 2013.


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