Jerry Hsu's "The Observable Universe" Photo Show
Author: kayla
Monday, July 8, 2013

Jerry Hsu is basically the renaissance man of our generation. The 31-year old San Jose native started skateboarding at the age of nine, and we all know how that went. (His Wikipedia used to describe him as a “darkslides prodigy” but much to my dismay, they have since changed that. They also immediately changed my addition of “is also a known sex pevert”, because Wikipedia sucks). Somewhere in between touring the world and filming iconic video parts, Jerry also picked up a camera “just taking pictures of my friend skating, and fire hydrants, railroad tracks, and my feet. You know, burgeoning artist stuff.” Since then, his photos have been exhibited in galleries in New York, London, Berlin, Milan, and Tokyo, his work has appeared in tons of magazines, and he has created a cell phone photo blog that has caused me to become extremely paranoid whenever dining out alone (see: Table For One). Jerry is also good at eating at buffets and charming cats, plus he played the guitar briefly before he got bored and moved on. See? Renaissance man.

On July 2, Jerry’s latest photo exhibition, poetically titled “The Observable Universe” (I bet he secret writes poetry too because he’s emo like that), opened at Family Bookstore in Los Angeles, featuring a tightly curated selection of eleven photos all composed of people-free photos that nonetheless document very specifically human scenes. The opening party was attended by pals like Kevin “Spanky” Long, Tino Razo, and Heath Kirchart (who declined to have his photo taken on account of being a “company man”).

The exhibition runs through August 1, and you can check out photos of the opening below.