Altamont x Conveyor @ Fred Segal Launch Party
Author: kayla
Tuesday, June 18, 2013

On June 13th, Altamont in conjunction with Conveyor @ Fred Segal celebrated the creation of Altamont's month long retail space in Santa Monica. We were able to create a space to not only showcase the Altamont Summer Collection but to share our purpose as well. The concept and construction of the piece was created by in house artist Noel Paris to execute the goal of inspiring thought. When Noel was asked about creating the wall at Conveyor he said,

“I wanted to present conflict on several levels. The idea of suggestion plays a major role in the piece. I wanted to elevate as well as lessen the figures in the environments. When things are presented in skewed circumstances, they can tell a much different story. As humans we are conditioned to see and explain what we understand. It was my goal to take those recognizable objects and put them in a scene that can be translated on several levels. “ -Noel Paris

With the purpose of the Altamont install being so bold, the event went off without a hitch and attracted people from every avenue of life. Altamont was able to team up with Saint Archer Brewing Co, Sailor Jerry and Boxed Water to provide beverages while Matt of Tribute Pizza was tossing handmade Pizzas on the sidewalk. The evening’s music provided by ‘The Blackouts’ aka Ako and Atiba Jefferson covered every genre one could want to hear and with photographer Katherine Sheehan capturing snapshots of the evening we are able to share those moments with you.

Thank you to all who came out.