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Roky Erickson’s Psychedelic Ice-Cream Social review
Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Roky Erickson’s Psychedelic Ice-Cream Social review
Words: Yasi Salek
Photos: Raphael Villet

Besides the fact that there was ice cream present (which immediately makes any event 30 percent better) and there were excellent performances from Roky as well as amazing bands like The Meat Puppets, Peelander Z and The Drowning Men, Roky Erickson’s Ice Cream Social was put on to raise money for the Roky Erickson Foundation, set up to aid the founder of 13th Floor Elevators, making it probably the most feel-good event of all of SXSW (because nothing feels better than ice cream topped with altruism and caramel, am I right?)