FIDLAR / Pangea tour recap & photos
Author: kayla
Thursday, January 31, 2013
Words: Yasi Salek
Photos: Alexander Uhrich

So while (despite pre-tour predictions saying otherwise) no one died on the Altamont-sponsored FIDLAR/Pangea/Meat Market tour, many came out the other side bloody, bruised and plague-ridden (ok fine, more like flu-ridden). The seven-city tour was a ten-day haze of mosh-pits, Jameson, fast food, and a sea of kids colliding in the crashing waves of all three bands’ epic live sets, and this intrepid journalist (not quite as nerdy and green as the kid in Almost Famous, but close) somehow lived to tell the tale (managing to also squeeze in a sentence in the third-person, no less).

The tour started quietly in a living room in Davis (well not that quietly, by the time Meat Market took the “stage” kids were already being slammed into walls and the cops certainly showed up around 10 pm) and weaved its way through proper venues like Bottom Of The Hill in San Francisco, The Atrium in Santa Cruz and the Constellation Room in Santa Ana, then exploded when FIDLAR and Pangea hit their collective home town on January 22 (also the release date of FIDLAR’s new album). The three bands destroyed The Fort in Los Angeles, where the show was only $5 and the entire night was apparently just one hot sweatbox of teenage craze, complete with a pizza delivered via crowd-surf to the stage (no, that really happened).

The San Diego show was cancelled due to above-mentioned plague (though I will forever remember the drink born of this disease, a bizarre yet delicious hot toddy made up of whiskey and Throat Coat tea), but the tour culminated in a surprise show at the punk warehouse VLHS in Pomona, where the night was Winter Formal-themed, inspiring some of the band members to dress up for the occasion (suits and bow-ties for Max Kuehn and Chad Ubovich and pretty dresses for Zac Carper, Danny Bengston and Brandon Schwartzel). All three bands played incredible sets (illness be damned) to a completely packed room, ensuring that the VLHS show would remain way more memorable than any school dance any of us had ever attended (even the one where your date was banging your friend all night and you did so many drugs you almost forgot your own name).

Final count:

• Blood-inducing injuries: 2
• Bruises: 47
• Flu victims: 6
• Band members standing on roofs yelling “I am a golden god!”: 0
• Band members playing bass in the middle of the street in San Francisco yelling “I’m playing for the city!”: 1
• Beers poured out for Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer: 3
• YOLO levels: immeasurable