Bleached & Japandroids at Porter Pub
Sunday, November 18, 2012

Last week we hoofed it down to San Diego (okay actually we drove in a hybrid car because gas is expensive and also it would be a really, really long walk) to check out Japandroids and Bleached at Porter's Pub. We didn't actually know the venue was on the UC San Diego campus and definitely got lost somewhere between the library and the "quad" and had to ask a group of studious young ladies to point us in the right direction, but we got there just in time to watch our favorite modern day girl group, Bleached, blast through their catchy, melodic, punky set while the crowd, chock full of stoned college kids, swayed along. Two-man band Japandroids took the stage shortly after, regaling the audience with their brand of loud, riff-heavy indie-rock, and inspiring many to shout-sing along to their self-dubbed Celebration Rock songs. The whole thing was very youthful and energetic and made an old lady like me feel ten years younger for a brief moment, especially after I got hit on by a guy in a rainbow knit beanie and a G. Love and Special Sauce T-shirt.

Photos: Garvin Ha