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Cult Jams: The best kind of house party ever

October 25, 2012 by kayla

Cult Jams felt like the best kind of house party ever: great bands playing in an intimate space with all your friends and a fully stocked bar, minus all the puke and fights and cops. Altamont teamed up with Cultist to put on the BEST unofficial show of all of CMJ (#humble) at Piano’s in NYC on October 20th, with performances by Brooklyn dance punks Hunters, hypnotic Hedi Slimane favorite Starred, electro-pop trio Psychic Twin and Minneapolis lo-fi metal outfit Bloodnstuff, all interspersed with DJ sets by NYC's own Roxy Cottontail.

The night ended with Hunters’ Isabel Almeida singing in the middle of the crowd while guitarist Derek Watson played guitar standing on his head and your friend Yasi slam-danced with strangers. No one really remembers what happened after that (kind of like every other awesome house party).

Photos: Travis Gillett


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