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Theotis Beasley Sponsor Me Review #43: Nuno Cardoso

This week Theotis Beasley welcomes back Garrett Hill to review Nuno Cardoso: 20 years old from Porto, Portugal.

For your shot at getting a box from Theotis and Altamont, send your footy to Check every Thursday for more reviews—maybe even yours.

Please send the footy with these guidelines in mind:

  • YouTube videos only (no downloads or Vimeo).
  • The sender of the e-mail should be the skater in the video.
  • The skater's name should be the title of the video.
  • Please include your full name, age and address in the email.
  • Send your submission only once. We will get it. Don't annoy the hell out of us with tons of emails.


  1. said (2 years ago)

    Sick! Nuno got UNO! :D

  2. said (2 years ago)
  3. said (2 years ago)


  4. said (2 years ago)

    That was tight! Garrett knows how to say things that aren't necessarily bad and make them sound offensive. Like "Mean Girls" type shit.

  5. said (2 years ago)

    gotta agree with you scott k.. Its ok though it just shows he has hurt feelings about it, garret aint all that tight anyway..

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