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Slash Giveaway

November 8, 2011 by fred

We have three big boxes with all kinds of stuff from all the sponsors of Brian "Slash" Hansen. We'll be giving away a box every day on Wednesday November 9th, Thursday November 10th and Friday November 11th.

Come back on those 3 days or follow us on Facebook or Twitter to get first hand updates about this giveaway.

Day 3 giveaway! Last chance!

Thanks to Fallen, Deathwish, Independent, Spitfire, Shakejunt, Nixon and Active for all the goods!


  1. said (2 years ago)


  2. said (2 years ago)

    This is by far the most rad giveaway package I have seen in years! To own half of this would be surreal.

  3. said (2 years ago)


  4. said (2 years ago)

    Altamont clothes are the only threads I wear,
    if you were to give me more I would not care.
    I like slash.

  5. said (2 years ago)

    wat time to come bac

  6. said (2 years ago)

    You should hook me up with some Slash jeans I'm a 28

  7. said (2 years ago)

    How do you get a box?! just going to the site??

  8. said (2 years ago)

    Birthday on Nov.9!!!

  9. said (2 years ago)

    Damn, that'd be sick if I won

  10. said (2 years ago)

    Altamont for life!!! best apparel... for sure! most durable and comfortable pants/denim, most durable, soft, and comfortable tees. and the best jackets!!

  11. said (2 years ago)

    SLash is so cool. I've wanted that jacket for years!

  12. said (2 years ago)

    this jacket is fuckin sick, i want it so bad. the shoes? what should i say, they change colors. deathwish decks got the best shape ever. well, everythings tight. hope u guys pick me!!!

  13. said (2 years ago)

    this has to be the sickest giveaway i have ever seen slash kills it his style is amazing

  14. said (2 years ago)

    Altamont is always hooking someone up! So sick!

  15. said (2 years ago)

    Good Luck Everyone!!!

  16. said (2 years ago)

    thats whats up.

  17. said (2 years ago)

    Siiiiii !!!!!! lo quieroooooo !!!!!!

  18. said (2 years ago)

    give me that stuff slash is like my fave skater and i definitly want that black sabbath board u have my email so just send send that stuff over please.
    magic word

  19. said (2 years ago)

    I have absolutaly in LOVE with Altamont ! i have over 40 Altamont Clothes. I have crew necks , tee shirts , jeans , pants , hats , beanies and the Brian Hansen Jacket . And i certainly would not mind owning more !!!!

  20. said (2 years ago)

    sick giveaway. better than alot of the ones ive seen

  21. said (2 years ago)

    Looking forward to Brians part, Slash is too underrated.

  22. said (2 years ago)

    Shit looks soooo good!

  23. said (2 years ago)

    Its crazy how kind Altamont really is. Not many companies just randomly give shit out like they do. Great shit Altamont!

  24. said (2 years ago)

    The slash man, get with it !!!!!!

  25. said (2 years ago)

    My boys would be stoked to get the Slash giveaway .

  26. said (2 years ago)

    THis is some swag slash apparel gotta get my hands on some!!

  27. said (2 years ago)


  28. said (2 years ago)

    i need a whole complete and sum shoes hook a brother up

  29. said (2 years ago)

    Damn that's fresh! wouldn't mind the hook. Altamont all day!

  30. said (2 years ago)

    I still dont get how we can receive this DOPE gear tho...

  31. said (2 years ago)

    Altamont for life

  32. said (2 years ago)

    i love free stuff!

  33. said (2 years ago)

    Slashbox. :D

  34. said (2 years ago)

    So ready to do some nar slashes with that new gear!

  35. said (2 years ago)

    Altamont or die. Slash is one of my favorite skaters please hook it up

  36. said (2 years ago)

    duuude i wuld skate all of that gear til they rip break and waste and sign up for another contest for another good sesh duuuuude

  37. said (2 years ago)

    Please altamont hook it up and give me all that sick slash stuff please :)

  38. said (2 years ago)

    Hook It Up!

  39. said (2 years ago)

    hella gear!

  40. said (2 years ago)


  41. said (2 years ago)

    We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.

  42. said (2 years ago)

    This giveaways looking good...missed out on the last giveaway, would love any of this stuff hit me up with some socks and il be estatic...

  43. said (2 years ago)


  44. said (2 years ago)

    hola soy de argentina nose que mierda hay que hacer para ganarce el slash's stuff pero lo quiero ganar porque aca no llega nada de eso y soy fanatico de slash jodido...

  45. said (2 years ago)

    If I won,it blow my mind...and will make party for my bros :P

  46. said (2 years ago)

    slash es una maquinaa mola su estilo!!

  47. said (2 years ago)

    MEGAGNAR NEEDS SLASH'S GEAR TO EXECUTE GNARLY SKATEBOARDING MANEUVERS. GIMMO PRODUCT AND YOU SHALL SEE. Nah, fo real though, I just got scammed of 800 bucks on paypal, that I really needed for clothes anyways. This would be fuckin dope!

  48. said (2 years ago)

    you can send that my way homies!

  49. said (2 years ago)

    I would love any of this stuff

  50. said (2 years ago)

    you gotta back what slash wears on his back, slash is an influence on skaters these days

  51. said (2 years ago)

    im so fucking broke!i need those sick stuffs!

  52. said (2 years ago)

    Hook it up plleeaassee! me and my cuzins need that stuff! Altamont for life!!!!

  53. said (2 years ago)

    Definately be the coolest kid on the block with that fresh hesh gear!

  54. said (2 years ago)

    Christmas comes early!

  55. said (2 years ago)

    so how exactly does one win a box?

  56. said (2 years ago)

    Thats Rad! Im a skinny 40 yr old with some style.. That jacket would get me laid fer sure

  57. said (2 years ago)

    vista, vinyl dreams, A. Reynolds Signature

  58. said (2 years ago)

    shits dope.

  59. said (2 years ago)

    Vinyl Dreams

  60. said (2 years ago)

    Give me the box

  61. said (2 years ago)

    Cold Pervin' & Swervin' in the 'T'-Dot! Cold as Fuck, North of the Lower 48 Brahhh!
    That Sweet Sweet Slasher Box would be Tits!
    Keep It Tight - WordOut dp

  62. said (2 years ago)

    Sick giveaways. Altamont is fresh, to everyone skating for Altamont keep doing your thang

  63. said (2 years ago)

    when uall comein back to baltimore I'm tryin to see the GOAt play again in that fresh ass gear

  64. said (2 years ago)

    those new Active x Altamont collabo socks are sweeeet.

  65. said (2 years ago)

    We were mates in Nam!!! Use to shoot stuff!!! Heck yeah, that stuff is sweet!

  66. said (2 years ago)

    I really could use this gear for skating hard and picking up sexy chicks 8==D~~

  67. said (2 years ago)

    i really just need new clothes man, it be sick to have his all his gear though.

  68. said (2 years ago)

    Fo shó !! G

  69. said (2 years ago)

    Hey who ever reads this skate or die, but i would love to just have the boards help me out i'm broke..

  70. said (2 years ago)

    i really need it, that was awesome!

  71. said (2 years ago)

    Altamont save my life.

  72. said (2 years ago)

    yo i can willy grind gimme dis shit!

  73. said (2 years ago)

    Need jacket for winter could you give me some change?

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