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Pharmacy Hollywood Opening Photos

September 26, 2011 by fred

Last Friday, Bryan Herman and the Pharmacy crew had a grand opening for their new shop in Hollywood, CA. The new location is the main store in Space 15 Twenty, a mini mall with a handful of cool shops on Cahuenga Blvd.

Stop by and Bryan Herman himself might be gripping your new board.

Pharmacy Hollywood
1520 N. Cahuenga Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028
(323) 871-0901


  1. said (2 years ago)


  2. said (2 years ago)

    skate for life!!!

  3. said (2 years ago)

    That Hollywood local Dustin is a cool lookin guy he should be on some ads or somethin what a cool store too

  4. said (2 years ago)

    this looks like a cool store

  5. said (2 years ago)

    Looks sick. Love the kids t that says all his favorite rappers are dead. So true haha. Anyways good luck to hermdog with his new shop! PEACE. LOVE. SHAKE JUNT.

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