Winners FYF Fest Photo Contest
Author: fred
Tuesday, September 13, 2011
Patrick O'Dell just picked the 3 winners of our FYF Fest photo contest. Here are the 3 lucky winners. Check your inbox for our message and a box of Altamont Apparel is coming your way very soon. Thanks to everyone for submitting their photos!

Instagram winner: Christian Carrera
"I just did a quick scope of all the #FYFFEST photos. I wrote in advance that I was especially looking for nudity, barfing and/or Bob Pollard. Christian Carrera's picture on Instagram was as close as Instagram allows without getting a warning letter. Christian gets extra points for sending us tons these. FYF Fest should actually just be called Babe Fest."

FYF Fest Instagram winner Christian Carrera

Twitter winner: Morgnar
"Then from Twitter I picked this epic shot of Altamont contributors No Age killing it on stage."

Facebook winner: Jake Whitener

"I found one photo of Bob Pollard of Guided by Voices on our Facebook page. It's not that great of a picture really, I'm sure there are better photos of bands I don't care about, but Jake Whitener wins cause that was my favorite band of the day.

Anyone complaining about dust can bite me "awww poor baby, dust in your eye during Descendents.
Cost of water? Try the water fountain. Cost of food? Eat a burrito before you come, then party till you puke.
See you next year."