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Sponsor Me Review 28 With Theotis

Today John Robison, 15 years old, from Kailua-Kona, Hawaii gets his sponsor me footy reviewed by Theotis Beasley and Randy Randall of No Age. Theotis kills it on a skateboard, Randy kills it on guitar, let's see what they have to say about John's footy.

For your shot at getting a box from Theotis and Altamont, send us your footy at, and be sure to visit every Tuesday and Thursday for more reviews.

Theotis Beasley sponsor me footy reviews Altamont Apparel

Please send the footy with these guidelines in mind:

- YouTube videos only (no downloads or Vimeo)
- The sender of the e-mail should be the skateboarder in the video
- The skateboarders name should be the title of the video.
- Please include your full name, age and address in the email.


  1. said (2 years ago)

    Im just stoked that Theotis Beasley watch my video

  2. said (2 years ago)

    I'm stoked that Randy is up in here! I had a feeling it would have been him because he is a super nice and outgoing duddddddeeeee. I thought you deserved a few shirts or something, you skated pretty fast.

  3. said (2 years ago)

    damn i think this kid deserves couple shirts...........its hawaii....hawaii skaters are rare BREED so watch out...aloha

  4. said (2 years ago)

    Hawaii is beautiful. I live here, it's dope.spots here are hard to come by.Shout out to john Robison! footy in hawaii is always gold! sick skating homie. hook it up for da bradah!

  5. said (2 years ago)

    looks like this kid doesnt have to much to work with on the streets out there and he did what he could with what he has. and it was bad. double flip? nollie late flip? so sick. I say he gets at least a few shirts

  6. said (2 years ago)

    meant to say it WASNT bad not was

  7. said (2 years ago)

    This kid has a 3 stair, a parking lot, a ledge, and some parks. Thats not alot to work with so i say he gets a box.

  8. said (2 years ago)

    Good work homie! keep skatin man, you may not have the best spots but as long as you have mucho passion!!! PEACE. LOVE. SHAKE JUNT.

  9. said (2 years ago)

    Ya I skate with this kid hes a ripper and has so much potential. give him some credit because hawaii spots are scarce. a box to john for sure

  10. said (2 years ago)

    this is zach speakes 13 years old, from seattle, wa with crazy feet.

  11. said (2 years ago)

    Me and my friends are lookinqq for a sponsorship we are pretty good we live in ridgewood New York. We been skating over 2 year our age is thought 13-15 and please write!!

  12. said (2 years ago)

    This is for fun its called skateball hope u like it.

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