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SPoT Back To School Bash Video

August 30, 2011 by fred

Here's a video of the Back to School bash that was held last weekend at the world famous Skatepark of Tampa.

Congrats to all the winners!
Extra shout out to Altamont flowrider Dylan "MF" Perry for getting 2nd place in the sponsored division!

8 & Under Division
1. Joe Debosky
2. Jake Salvati
3. Damari Norton

9 - 12 Division
1. Shane Farber aka Shanewreck
2. Chris Noel
3. AJ Dall

13 - 15 Division
1. David Jordan
2. Tom Hodgson
3. Titus Massinello

16 & Up Division
1. Josh Baker
2. Connor Galvin
3. Shane Carter

Sponsored Division:
1. Connor Askew
2. Dylan Perry
3. Markus Jalaber


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