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Sponsor Me Review 22 With Theotis

This week Theotis Beasley is reviewing sponsor me footy with the one and only Skatetalk Bob. The first one of this week is Daniel Cross from Sweden.

For your shot at getting a box from Theotis and Altamont, send us your footy at, and be sure to visit every Tuesday and Thursday for more reviews.

Theotis Beasley sponsor me footy reviews Altamont Apparel

Please send the footy with these guidelines in mind:

- YouTube videos only (no downloads or Vimeo)
- The sender of the e-mail should be the skateboarder in the video
- The skateboarders name should be the title of the video.
- Please include your full name, age and address in the email.


  1. said (2 years ago)

    Does skate talk Bob even skate? He sure talks a lot. Bring back that chick. At least she is somewhat good to look at. Theotis and a pedophile seem a little suspect...

  2. said (2 years ago)

    Bob is a fucking faget!, only fags wear see threw glasses

  3. said (2 years ago)

    Im Andrew Yetter
    Age- 14
    Address- 6626 Montevista Drive Southeast Auburn, WA
    Please watch my sponsor video theotis!

  4. said (2 years ago)

    i wanna see a skate video with bob in it SKATING.
    or to see em play a game of skate vs this kid.
    looks like that dumb old broad from the old navy commercials from back in the day.

    this kid wasnt great but was still better then half the dummies sending in videos. but bob has seen alot of videos since thats all he prolly does.

  5. said (2 years ago)

    wasnt a great of a sponsor me but im pretty sure bob can switch 360 flip a 4

  6. said (2 years ago)

    look at the face of theotis at 02:50 to 02:55, he thinks, "how shameless is Bob, he doesn't even know how to skate"

    fuckin' stupid, at least he knows switch 360 flip

  7. said (2 years ago)

    BOB: "Look at his pants"


  8. said (2 years ago)

    Thank you bob for having theos back so everybody writing hate comments back up for a sec bob is saying this because Theo doesn't want to be the one to tell you that himself if you showed Theo that you just learned switch laser he would be like that's cool and he would throw down switch big heel down a 10

  9. said (2 years ago)

    I would love to punch bob in his fucking ugly face. He is retarded as hell. How he deserves to judge over these sponsor me videos?

  10. said (2 years ago)

    lmoa BOB is a stright up guy! hahahaha i like that...this video made me crack up!!!...keeep it up!

  11. said (2 years ago)

    Dude Bob is such a fucking faggot ahaha i cant believe such an ugly mother fucker is trying to hate on a decent skater, hey Bob you fucking poser go review bmxs or roller blading untill you learn how to ride a board, dumb ass trend following hipster wannabe/ steve berra cock rider, by the way skate talk sucks dick cause you dont know shit you poser

  12. said (2 years ago)

    Serious get bob the fuck off of here. He is ruining the video. If he is on this tomorrow I am done with Altamont

  13. said (2 years ago)

    I'm not sure who Bob is or what his affiliation is with altamont, but I actually feel a little disappointed for purchasing altamont clothing after watching that. Theotis is always lighthearted and offers constructive feedback which is part of the appeal of watching these videos, Bob just seems like a cruel old man.

  14. said (2 years ago)

    age 17 chula vista california 91910

  15. said (2 years ago)
  16. said (2 years ago)


  17. said (2 years ago)

    damn bob really hates on these kids but atleast he apologized if he didnt i would look at altamont way more different then i use to

  18. said (2 years ago)

    Fuck Bob. Fuck Altamont.
    Now when I see Altamont, the A logo, Fos' lettering, I think of Bob's glasses.

    Can't wear this shit anymore.

    Sal Masakela > Bob

  19. said (2 years ago)

    bob's apology was just mocking you if you are offended in any way. he obvs doesnt care

  20. said (2 years ago)

    bob is such a bitch. he is a prima donna for lord knows what reason. he's a fucking loser, but for some reason thinks he's cool. i would love to stomp in his ugly face. don't let this asshole have anything to do with altamont. i guarantee you lost business because of this guy.

  21. said (2 years ago)

    seriously fuck bob that guy is weetahded.

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