No Age Life Prowler Video
Author: fred
Wednesday, August 10, 2011
Ryan Reichenfeld shot a video for the "Life Prowler" song of No Age. Here is the whole story about how the video came about.

"The No Age video actually happened pretty randomly.  

I had been up all night writing a music video treatment for another band and woke up in the afternoon on Super Bowl Sunday just as the game was coming on. My friend Ryan Carmody (who shot the video) called me up and told me that he basically had $100k worth of camera gear just sitting in his room until morning (He was camera assistant on a big Nissan Commercial and it was his job to return the gear).  

We had to think of an idea that wouldn't really cost us much money that we could do without any actors and before the sun went down because we didn't have any lights. I've had this idea of doing a video where the band would ride around on BMX bikes and ghost ride in different ways, so I kind of used that as a starting part and we developed this idea for this short film in minutes over the phone.

Our idea was to make a story about a young BMX bike who just wanted to have a radical time. We bought a crappy bike for like $10 at thrift store, then we went into a liquor store and bought a bunch of random childhood indulgences like yohoo and other props and went to down town.  

Then we just started shooting, making things up as we went. Carmody would man the camera while I would attach different props to the bike with duct tape and ghost ride it in different directions.  We went to this spot near little Tokyo where I knew there were a few skate spots we could launch the bike off of.

I remember Carmody picking me up at my house during the first quarter, and we were finished shooting and back at my house in Silverlake, CA before the game was over. I think we only shot for an hour and a half because we ran out of light.

At the end of the day we didn't really know what we had, we didn't even know if what we were making was a music video. For some reason No Age's "Life Prowler" popped into the front of my mind when I watched the footage, I can't really explain why it just did.  

I laid the song in and started messing with the edit and somehow after a few hours the video was basically done. We added some subtle color effects and finished it. It was a weird feeling because there usually a lot of planning and stress when it comes to making music videos or short films, and they happen over weeks and months. This No Age video was shot in less than two hours, edited in half a day with no stress. Everything just kind of fell into place.

My friend Andy Bruntel directed No Age's music video for "Eraser".  Andy said that the Dean and Randy would be into my video it, he sent it over to them and that's how it got to you guys."