Wild in the Streets Photo Recap
Recap of the downtown takeover!
Author: fred
Wednesday, June 22, 2011
Yesterday we joined the Emerica team for the Wild in the Streets event in Los Angeles, CA. Andrew Reynolds, Bryan Herman, Figgy and the rest of the Emerica team, along with over a 1000 skateboarders passed the barricades from the LAPD and took over the streets and sidewalks of downtown LA.

You might have seen a bunch of photos on the Altamont Facebook and Twitter, but here are some more.

Altamont flow rider Vincent Luevanos warms up at Hollenbeck plaza with a front blunt.

The LAPD was everywhere and try to keep the crowd in the Hollenbeck park.

Your tax dollars at work. The police helicopter hovered over us from noon till 4pm. What a waste of money!

Figgy and some of his homies at Hollenbeck.

A part of the crowd decided to go for it but was stopped by the LAPD.

Back at Hollenbeck for a few minutes. The mainstream media interviewed some skateboarders.

Then we broke through this "barricade" and we're off towards downtown!

Yeah, the crowd was so big we took over 4 lanes.

Slash drove his truck for backup.

The whole time cops were telling us to skate on the sidewalk....

And they tried to bust kids for running a red light or not wearing a helmet.

More cops busting people for things they normally care less about.

Emerica TM Heath Kirchart and photographer Yoon Sul made it to the end, Lafayette park.

Find Bryan Herman and Figgy in here....

Bryan Herman and Braydon Szafranski recapping the route.

Andrew Reynolds with some fans.

Emerica bought 400 slices of pizza from Toddy G's. They were hand delivered by OG skate legend Salman Agah!

Some people got a ticket for "skateboarding in the streets". Thanks LAPD!