Sammy Baca Giveaway Friday
Last chance to win Sammy's kit.
Author: fred
Friday, June 3, 2011
It's Friday so this means it's your last chance to enter the Sammy Baca.

What's your favorite video/videopart of Sammy Baca and why?
Look it up on YouTube or Vimeo or wherever you can find it on the interwebs.
You will have till Monday afternoon to enter this one, since you might need some time to find something.

Simply copy and paste the URL (link) to the video, plus your reasoning why you like it, as a comment below to enter and have a chance of win the box of goodies with Altamont, Baker skateboards, Independent trucks, Spitfire wheels, Converse shoes and Mob griptape goodies.

**If your comment doesn't show up immediately please be patient. We sometimes have to approve comments first.

The Thursday winner is Tanner Blumenfeld. Check your email Tanner and get back to us when you get a chance.

It was indeed Leo Fitzpatrick modelling in our Summer 2011 look book. And in 1995 he had one of the main roles in the movie Kids.