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Sammy Baca - Altamont Contributor

"Who do you skate with?"
"...just, a buncha fools. Whoever skates, basically. Cause everyone just fuckin'...if they don't skate, they just do drugs." - Sammy Baca

Hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada, Sammy Baca is an all terrain ripper. Mostly shredding the local Desert Breeze skatepark with the homies (DBK), or some abandoned pools in Sin City, Sammy is always shredding. Never one to pass up a trip to anywhere in the world, Sammy recently went on the Thrasher Skate Rock tour to Australia. Patrick O’Dell caught up with him right as he was packing his bag. See what travel essentials Sammy brings on tour.

The Sammy Baca for Altamont collection is inspired by the Las Vegas desert heat. A chino short, two t-shirts, a short sleeve button up and a tank top.

Sammy Baca Altamont chino short

Sammy Baca Altamont t-shirt Born 'N Bred

Sammy Baca Altamont Born 'N Bred 3/4 longsleeve

Sammy Baca Altamont Lurker woven

Sammy Baca Altamont beater

White tube socks can be added for extra Sammy flavor. It’s all the essentials you need for this summer.

Sammy Baca for Altamont stamp
Born ‘n bred, to drink and shred! HAIL SAMMY!


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