Garrett Hill X Children Of Bodom Giveaway Day 4
Leave a caption on one of Garrett own portraits.
Author: fred
Thursday, May 19, 2011
Kirk Triz won the third of 5 boxes of the Garrett Hill x Children of Bodom giveaway. Here' are the three Garrett Hill signature items that Kirk listed:
“1. The Vet comes in olive. It's a military style jacket. It has a zip in hood, which is good, because sometimes you need to cover your head, especially if you haven't washed your hair in three days. Full size range of S-XL.
2. The Hill Henley is a Henley because of it's three buttons. It has small Altamont embroidery in the chest-al area. It's cotton and black.
3. There have been a litany of G. Hill Wilshire Slouch jeans. They have a trim fit. Also notice the 2pct. spandex. That gives you some flexibility and material strength when you need it. What color? Black. I once wore a colorful shirt to an Amon Amarth concert. I looked like a fool. I saw Bodom in 2009. It was a great show. The crowd kept chanting 'BODOM' between each song. There is also something magical about watching Alexi swing his guitar over his shoulder.””

For the 4th day we are relying on your creativity. We found this photo of Garrett Hill on his Facebook page, taken at the last St. Patrick's day.
What would your caption/comment be on this photo?

Garrett Hill Altamont

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