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Garrett Hill X Children Of Bodom Giveaway Day 3

May 18, 2011 by fred

Sebastian Forsberg won the second of 5 boxes of the Garrett Hill x Children of Bodom giveaway.
He gave the right answer and wrote it out for anyone that was confused. "Kids, a pop shove it is when you use your back foot to scoop and rotate your skateboard 180 degrees. Garrett Hill stomped 3 pop shove variations.
Pop shove it- late 180, flip manual no comply fs pop shove. I would love that new Children of Bodom CD cause a hungry dog ate my fingers.”

For the third day we are gonna have you browse around our website for a bit. Name 3 signature pieces that Garrett Hill has dropped for Altamont (in current and past seasons). Simply leave a comment below to enter and have a chance of winning the Altamont, Zero skateboards, Theeve trucks and Children of Bodom goods.

** If your comment doesn't show up immediately please be patient. Our spam filter might have caught it. We'll go in a few times a day to approve the comments you left.


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