Garrett Hill X Children Of Bodom Giveaway Day 2
Watch Garrett's Feel Free part and have a chance to win.
Author: fred
Tuesday, May 17, 2011
Czoper won the first of 5 boxes of the Garrett Hill x Children of Bodom giveaway.
“It's a gap over pyramid to frontside lipslide. I can say that it is one of Garrett's signature trick and COB signature is giving awesome gigs. I used to be big fan of their first albums especially Hatebreeder. I'm fan of Altamont so I'm happy to see you collaborate with them. I would give this new CD a chance definitely!”

For the second day we are gonna get your attention on Garrett's Feel Free video part. Besides his Zero Strange World part Garrett also released a video with his brother Gantry and some of his homies last year.

Since Garrett is so known for his pop shuvits we are asking you to watch his Feel Free part and let us know how many pop shuvits he does in this part. Simply leave a comment below to enter and have a chance of winning the Altamont, Zero skateboards, Theeve trucks and Children of Bodom goods.

Support independent skateboard videos and buy Feel Free at your local skateshop or online!

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Garrett Hill x Children of Bodom giveaway