Cheetahs Party Photos
Altamont takeover at the night club
Friday, April 8, 2011

Last night Altamont took over the Cheetahs nightclub on Hollywood Blvd in Los Angeles, CA. With both SFV Acid and Drawlings performing on stage, while some of the girls were dancing, people were entertained all night. Here's a few photos of the night.

Just follow the lights....

The booze to get loose.

Skate Talk Bob and The Muska

FOS, Boxed Water Kevin and Yoon were in the house.

Spanky and Braydon made it out.

Altamont contributor Garrett Hill wore his pimp jacket for the party.

Vixie had a good presence all night.

Atiba and Ako Jefferson as The Black Outs DJ's.

Aby Portner aka Drawlings.

Dirty Biz Jeremy and Boosh in the middle of some females.

Jon Miner and Altamont contributor Bryan Herman.

The dancers didn't really wear any clothes, so this guy wore the skirt like a man.

Shake Junt affiliates.

Smack that. Tap that. Garrett had a good time.

Party people getting buck.