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Phoenix Am Photos Theotis And Flowmies

April 5, 2011 by fred

Last weekend Cowtown hosted the 10th annual Phoenix Am at the remodeled Desert West skate plaza. Altamont contributor Theotis Beasley and some of our flowriders went out to Arizona to skate in the heat.

Theotis was killing it with style all weekend. Kickflip 50-50.

Theotis, backside flip.

Trevor Colden recently moved from Virginia Beach, VA to Southern California. Ever since he's got switch 360 flips on lock.

Trevor holding it down for the krookie monstah.

Trevor can do this trick anywhere, first go. Switch heel.

Aidan Campbell was one of the few to grind the rail up and then down.

The hubba wasn't sliding too well, but Aidan put down this front blunt no problemo.

Brodie Penrod came from Salt Lake City to lock in kickflip backside tailslides with deadly precision.

Derrick Wilson was supposed to go on a DGK trip, but that got cancelled last minute. So he brought his killer 360 flips from the LBC to Phoenix.

During the best trick Derrick Wilson landed more tricks then anyone else. Like this nollie back heel.

The bar wasn't really competition for Derrick and his pop. Nollie heelflip in the best trick madness.

Demarquis Mcdaniels hurt his ankle on the way from Dallas, TX to Phoenix. So he could only cruise around. Thanks for making it out Demarquis!

Dylan "MF" Perry came from Tampa, FL to rep SPoT and Altamont with hella fast frontside tailslides.

And Dylan had no problem put his frontside nose to the hubba.


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